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Re-Write Your Story… Liberate yourself by making powerful conscious life choices!

Upcoming Events: August 19th-27th 2015

Your life is a story.
You are the creator of your story from the choices you’ve made in your life. Your story is framed by major life events: marriage, career, family, and faith. But, in between these major decisions are the thousands of small choices you make every day. And every one of your daily decisions fills in details that flavor your story.

Most people don’t make conscious life choices. For better or worse, they feel bound by past decisions. But, the truth is…Good News!

You are not bound by those choices!
Every day you’re faced with Choice-Points – defining moments of commitment. From what you have for breakfast to whether you change the nature of your relationships, you – and only you – are in control of what you decide. Freedom is within your reach.

Change your choices and you will change your future.
But, if you’re like most people, you need the tools and guidance to arrive at that place of calm, peaceful decision-making that aligns with your values and leads you into a much more powerful and promising life filled with joy and fulfillment.

If this is what you’re seeking, you’ve arrived at the right place.
I’m Dr. Eleanor Haspel-Portner, and I’ve been helping individuals and couples answer life choice questions for over 35 years, as a clinical psychologist, master coach, educator, and consultant. As a specialist in life relationships, dating, communication and spiritual development issues, there isn’t much I haven’t addressed with my clients.

In fact, I’ve helped thousands of people harness their own unique and powerful inner tools that open the door to life-affirming decisions and lead them to joyful, fulfilling lives and relationships. I’d like to see you give yourself that opportunity, too.

During the course of my practice I’ve developed some of the most unique and innovative tools and techniques that help people in situations like yours. These pioneering advances have been proven to lead people to make clear and authentic choices.

Do you want to:

  • Honor your self and others in your life
  • Identify and build upon your unique strengths
  • Stay in alignment with your most deeply held values
  • Build mutually fulfilling conscious life relationships
  • Follow the greater purpose for your life, your highest goals
  • Open the door to living the life – and experiencing the love – of your dreams!

Are you ready to write a new story?

Contact me today. Over the past 35 years I’ve helped thousands of people find new, fulfilling stories that capture their dreams. I’m certain I can help you, too.

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Eleanor Haspel-Portner
Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D.
Pacific Palisades, CA
Licensed Psychologist (#Psy5297)
Master Coach

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What People Are Saying:

“Eleanor’s ability to help me understand my strengths and weaknesses has facilitated a leap in personal growth on all levels.” (Marty M., Beverly Hills, CA)

“With Eleanor’s guidance, I learned to communicate better with those I encounter personally and professionally. By teaching me to recognize limiting and repeating personal patterns in forward-looking ways, I feel newfound confidence that I can achieve any goal I choose to pursue.” (Sam T., Dallas, TX)

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