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In my practice I often encounter various tools and practices. I evaluate them extensively and when I feel confident that they can be of help I introduce them to my clients. Some are so useful, and/or easy to use that I feel compelled to make them available here for all to access.


Get to Know Your Metaphors by Using ‘Clean Language’ (HTML)

Get to Know Your Metaphors by Using ‘Clean Language’

Get to Know Your Metaphors by Using ‘Clean Language’ Mind Map

Four Steps For Conscious Dating

The Rule of Three for Conscious Living

10 Secrets of Successful Flirting

10 Secrets of Successful Flirting Small Mind Map

10 Secrets of Successful Flirting Large Mind Map


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Eleanor Haspel-Portner
Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D.
Pacific Palisades, CA
Licensed Psychologist (#Psy5297)
Master Coach

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“When I first began working with Eleanor, I knew she would impact my life in extraordinary ways. I spent most of my life living based on the needs and expectations of others, never consciously acknowledging that I might have needs of my own. Through Eleanor’s expert guidance, I am better able to set boundaries and move forward with my own needs.” (Charley H., Sherman Oaks, CA)

“Although I had what many people consider to be successful career and family life, yet I knew on an internal spiritual level that something was missing in my life. With Eleanor’s loving and patient guidance, I am now well on the journey of discovering my true life’s purpose.” (Ann M., Orlando, FL)

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